Friday, April 9, 2010

Went Shopping!!!!! For Free!

Today, I went shopping for freebies at Target & Walmart & I got some great deals!

3 Jars of Pace- Free +2.00 Overage on Each Jar

=$6.00 Free, So I got these Items below for free!

1 Set Of Carebear Stampers
5 Boxes of Jolly Rancher Gummies
2 Plastic Popcorn Containers
1 Box of Fruit Snacks (10 Count)

1 Febreeze no spill wood diffuser- Was $14.86, I got it for FREE!
1 Jar of Pace- Free +1.32 Overage

=$1.32 Free, So I got these items below for Free!

4 Packages of Life Saver Sour & Sweet gummies
1 Pack of Pink Lemonade Airheads Extreme

All in All, I got about $23.00 In free Product plus my Free overage goodies that were an additional $7.32! I love a good shopping day where no cash leaves my wallet!!!!

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