Thursday, March 25, 2010

Freebie Shopping!!!!

Freebie Shopping is my favorite kind of shopping!!!! This morning I decided to redeem some of my coupons before their expiration date, and here's what I got.....

4 Vitamin Water (2 Orange & 2 Fruit Punch)-Free

4 Diet Cokes-Free

1 Heluva Good French Onion Dip-Free

4 Crunch Bars-Free

1 Jar of Pace Salsa-Free (I need to redeem these, but they are good until may.)

1 Philly Mini Cream Cheese Original-Free

1 Philly Mini Cream Cheese Original + Chives-Free

1 Box Of Finding Nemo Fruit Snacks- With coupon got this 10 pack for .89!

2 Boxes of Old Wisconsin Snack Sticks- With Coupons got these for .79 a box!

Got it all for under $3.00!!! I love Free/close to free shopping!

Came home, and I all I got today in the mail was a grocery bag gripper..... I had to chuckle at that.

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