Friday, February 26, 2010

Just got back from my Grandmothers house and she had my samples from my Aunt's House!!!!

I got.....

1 (3) pack of diapers for the Godson

1 (2) pack of Prilosec OTC

1 Free Oreo Cakesters Coupon

1 1.00 off coupon for oreo cakesters

2 Free Pace Coupons

2 Free Crunch Coupons

And I think that was it!

Plus, my dad and I did the Walgreens 8X10 photo dealio today, we will probably pick up the prints tomorrow!

OH, I won another Jar of Pace in the IWG! (I currently have 4 jars at home, and 4 free coupons to use)

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